Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Books You Can Remember

Writing is one of the most diverse things in the world. Not only are there different alphabets for different cultures, but there are also different sentence structures, words and punctuation that can fit together or collapse under its own weight. People can write because they love it or because it is mandatory, but the rules are never the same. Breaking the rules is either revolutionary or taboo, but once in a while there comes a quote that doesn't need rules. These quotes build people up from dark places and can beautifully connect to anybody in any situation. Books strive to entice readers with fancy covers and ridiculous plot lines, but the most meaningful quotes and style can come from simple books about loss, happiness or a little fish that swam too far from home and who's father chases him around the world. These are the quotes that should always be kept close, whether they be depressingly deep or simply funny. Quotes connect worlds, time and, most importantly, people. All you need to do is start noticing them.

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  1. Wow, I never thought about writing in that way before. I am one of those people that writes because it is mandatory but I thought that this post was interesting. It shows the power of words what they can do. You used a lot of really good words in the post that grabbed and helped hold my attention. Next time a picture might help to improve the presentation.